Youth Empowerment

The youth in any society plays an extremely significant role in the growth of a nation, as they are seen as the leaders of tomorrow.  

The CICF Youth Empowerment Workshops play a significant role in creating awareness and empowering young people by enabling them to effectively contribute towards building a tolerant Pakistan.  We at The CICF are committed to facilitate and help train the leaders of tomorrow in order to enable them to have a lasting impact on building a pluralistic and peaceful Pakistan.

As a part of The CICF’s ongoing initiative to empower and mainstream the Pakistani youth belonging to religious minority communities The Cecil & Iris Chaudhry Foundation (CICF) from time to time organizes FoRB (Freedom of Religion or Belief) Peace-building and Advocacy Workshops for peace activists.

The workshops aim at empowering and encouraging representatives, especially the youth of religious minority communities to engage in critical socio-political issues.

The workshops include lectures, interactive question and answer sessions and a variety of group activities designed to strengthen the participants in their work on peace-building initiatives and interfaith harmony. The workshops comprise of participants from all religious communities.